Fall Camp Q & A with Tyler Wrice

http://www.bisonation.com/1852.html << Read our brief Q & A with incoming freshman Tyler Wrice here. (or below)

Fall Camp is hitting full stride, practices have been up tempo and surprisingly a lot more focus on offense than season's pass, even to the point of Brock Jensen having multiple formations being introduced. Bisonation believes that the defense is rock solid in its knowledge of the Tampa 2, that for NDSU to step up their game (if that's even possible) they need an improved offense for this can happen.

We have been hard on Brent Vigen over the years, and yes, DEFENSE wins championships and coach Vigen has done enough to survive. The emphasis this fall on offense and some new scheme's/wrinkles means to us that coach Bohl/Vigen have listened and is exploring new things. Bravo!

Alex Lavoy, Zach Riopelle are off the team mutually, by the way, but Alex will still be cheering on brother Anthony for the 3 peat.

Lots of tickets on STUBHUB and Craigslist for all upcoming NDSU games, follow the herd and jump on these!

Fall Camp Q & A with Freshman Tyler Wrice:

How has Fall Camp been for you Tyler? Camp is going good! A lot of learning involved in the meeting rooms that’s been thrown at us and then translating that on the field!

Were you more nervous or excited? Being in fall camp is super exciting I get to be more acquainted with my teammates and get acclimated to D1 Football.

How were the accomodations? The dorms are not too bad the only downside is no ac, I cant imagine if it was 90+ out.

How has Fargo become your new home? Fargo is treating us freshman well so far this summer, cool town, looking forward to seeing more of it.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us: You’re welcome BisoNation.

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