NDSU basketball: L.A is ready to Play!

Lawrence Alexander:
God has truly been blessing me! When I partially torn my Achilles. I was told I would be in a boot for two months, was out the boot by one. Told I wasn’t able to jog until August, was jogging half way through July. Told I wouldn’t be to jump until September, just got clear today to jump!! Amen!! Thank you Jesus! Truly Blessed!

LA doesn’t need to rush back, Nov 15th is still the major return planned for L.A. back to the point guard position. The schedule is complete:

NDSU at Bryant Dec 7
NDSU at Notre Dame Dec 11
NDSU at Ohio State Dec 14
NDSU at und
NDSU at Western Michigan
Delaware at NDSU Dec 16
Southern Mississippi @ NDSU
Towson State @ NDSU
Green Bay @NDSU

plus 16 Conference games:

NDSU will have plenty of pressure on them to make the NCAA’s, Denver returns a great team and will be #2 in the summit, while SDSU and IPFW will have solid teams back as well.
Freshman Carlin Dupree should play this year, especially with linberg out. AJ Jacobson will redshirt.
Taylor Braun, Marshall Bjorkland, Mike Felt and L.A are the leaders of this team. Must win year for team and coach saul Phillips and hopefully the announcement of the SHAC by XMAS.

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