NDSU vs UNI #1 v #4 biggest game in fargodome history?

you betcha!!   NDSU is #1, 2 time national champs with a 32-2 record over the last 2 years.  The senior class started their journey with a loss to UNI 4 years ago, Billy Turner and O line gave up 8 sacks.  Freshman were freaking out on the sideline…..wow have things changed now!

These seniors are confident and brass and truly amazing!   They have 2 titles, but NOT the UNDEFEATED SEASON!  They want that in such a bad way, to go out on top with a cherry!  To go out shattering all doubt that thier senior class is the best ever in NDSU history!

UNI was top dog 3-4 years ago in the MVFC and somehow held a physical and mental hold over NDSU.  They were cocky, brash and ……   

Role Reversal, but NDSU won 2 titles in 5 years,  UNI in 35 years havent won 1.

tickets are going for $75-100/ticket if you can find them, it will be LOUD and Crazy at the fargodome saturday!

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