Where NDSU would rank in FBS right now.

NDSU is 7-0 and 35-2 with 2 national titles over the last 3 years.

NDSU would rank in the FBS right now in the following:

NDSU is #44 in Sagarin ranking (down from #37 just 2 weeks ago) :
1st in Conference USA, MAC & Sun Belt !!
3rd in the MWC & AA
6th in the ACC
8th in the Big Ten & Big 12
10th in the PAC 12
10th in the SEC
UCF is #21 and NIU is #23     NDSU would probably be right behind these 2 teams (who are #1 in Conf USA & MAC)  NDSU’s defense would keep them in ANY game with a team ranked Top 10-20.   Top 10 teams like Oregon, Alabama etc would obviously beat NDSU but we are thinking 27-10 or something like that.
NDSU needs to keep pushing the MAC and Mountain West for an invite, this university, town, fanbase and players deserve to see just how GREAT NDSU CAN BE!   You raise the Students Activity Fee by $50/person, You convince Boosters to spend $10-20,000 on NDSU and not their Tailgate rigs.    You figure out a way to get the Fargodome to 28,000 attendence.
FBS and 22 more scholarships and NDSU is a dangerous team for anyone in the nation.
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