NDSU Coach Klieman

BisoNation.   We all respect Craig Bohl and should thank him for making this NDSU senior class the greatest in team history!    We expect Coach Chris Klieman to be announced after saturday’s game (or anytime between now and Jan 1), perhaps in the after game press conference. Coach Bohl will act as St Johns John Gagliardi & be a pseudo coach on sidelines. HOWEVER, expect major changes at the NDSU coaches office, *** Confirmed leaving are Brent Vigen, Scott Fuchs, Kenni Burns , Scott Stanard and Nick Goeser*** Coach Klieman will need a NEW O Coord, NEW D Coord and many other positions. You will see 6-8 coaches you have never hear of and be ready to accept that! Expect Craig Bohl to take as many as he can and frankly who can blame them? 

Problem is, BisoNation’s expectations of next season and couple years are Title’s, anything less is a failure in some’s opinion. Being stuck in the FCS does that to a program’s fanbase.  Therefore the Brent Vigen’s of the world don’t want to be a part of that, some coaches have uttered  “These fans boo brock jensen when he throws an interception, and he’s the best QB ever to go through NDSU!”   How can you blame these coaches for leaving, WE surely dont and BisoNation should become WyoNation!

Lobbying the Mountain West is what NDSU should be doing every week,  Dean B & Gene T should be flying out, asking for meetings with MWC president’s & AD’s and showcase what BisoNation has to offer!  Mountain West members are our Institutional & Academic PEERS!  NDSU is in a great position to do amazing things, capitalize on them!

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1 Response to NDSU Coach Klieman

  1. gabe says:

    I’ve heard Standard will be a DC and Fuchs OC. I think its confirmed Bohl is courting them but not confirmed they have accepted. The same was said about Klieman a few days ago

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