NDSU Football Stadium Fundraiser.

With 3 straight titles and NDSU looking at FBS possibilities with the Mountain West in near future. The question must be approached of how does NDSU build the stadium that would sit at the current Dacotah field/tennis courts (17th Ave would be removed).

$200 Million Dollars –  Sanford & Scheels & RDO & Harold Hamm?  How much are they willing to donate?  All 4 were on the sidelines of the NDSU championship game last month in texas.   $10million each? $20million each? that’s 1 viable option.

How’s this for creativity, BisoNation has been known for its beer consumption. We revel in drinking a town dry on a roadtrip and quite frankly Fargo has been named “drunkest city in america”  So why not Alcohol Tax? In this article, http://www.wday.com/event/article/id/92374/ Cass County says $419,000,000 was spent in a year on alcohol statewide. If $200,000,000 was spent in Cass County alone, lets put a DIME tax on that for 10 years….voila $200 Million!

pss- When will President Bresciani & Gene Taylor put together a marketing campaign to entice the Mountain West to add NDSU?


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3 Responses to NDSU Football Stadium Fundraiser.

  1. Ming says:

    Theres not nearly enough room by Dacotah Field/tennis courts

  2. Sam Iam says:

    I’m in for 10 bucks. Straight cash.

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