NDSU basketball: L.A is ready to Play!

Lawrence Alexander:
God has truly been blessing me! When I partially torn my Achilles. I was told I would be in a boot for two months, was out the boot by one. Told I wasn’t able to jog until August, was jogging half way through July. Told I wouldn’t be to jump until September, just got clear today to jump!! Amen!! Thank you Jesus! Truly Blessed!

LA doesn’t need to rush back, Nov 15th is still the major return planned for L.A. back to the point guard position. The schedule is complete:

NDSU at Bryant Dec 7
NDSU at Notre Dame Dec 11
NDSU at Ohio State Dec 14
NDSU at und
NDSU at Western Michigan
Delaware at NDSU Dec 16
Southern Mississippi @ NDSU
Towson State @ NDSU
Green Bay @NDSU

plus 16 Conference games:

NDSU will have plenty of pressure on them to make the NCAA’s, Denver returns a great team and will be #2 in the summit, while SDSU and IPFW will have solid teams back as well.
Freshman Carlin Dupree should play this year, especially with linberg out. AJ Jacobson will redshirt.
Taylor Braun, Marshall Bjorkland, Mike Felt and L.A are the leaders of this team. Must win year for team and coach saul Phillips and hopefully the announcement of the SHAC by XMAS.

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Fall Camp Q & A with Tyler Wrice

http://www.bisonation.com/1852.html << Read our brief Q & A with incoming freshman Tyler Wrice here. (or below)

Fall Camp is hitting full stride, practices have been up tempo and surprisingly a lot more focus on offense than season's pass, even to the point of Brock Jensen having multiple formations being introduced. Bisonation believes that the defense is rock solid in its knowledge of the Tampa 2, that for NDSU to step up their game (if that's even possible) they need an improved offense for this can happen.

We have been hard on Brent Vigen over the years, and yes, DEFENSE wins championships and coach Vigen has done enough to survive. The emphasis this fall on offense and some new scheme's/wrinkles means to us that coach Bohl/Vigen have listened and is exploring new things. Bravo!

Alex Lavoy, Zach Riopelle are off the team mutually, by the way, but Alex will still be cheering on brother Anthony for the 3 peat.

Lots of tickets on STUBHUB and Craigslist for all upcoming NDSU games, follow the herd and jump on these!

Fall Camp Q & A with Freshman Tyler Wrice:

How has Fall Camp been for you Tyler? Camp is going good! A lot of learning involved in the meeting rooms that’s been thrown at us and then translating that on the field!

Were you more nervous or excited? Being in fall camp is super exciting I get to be more acquainted with my teammates and get acclimated to D1 Football.

How were the accomodations? The dorms are not too bad the only downside is no ac, I cant imagine if it was 90+ out.

How has Fargo become your new home? Fargo is treating us freshman well so far this summer, cool town, looking forward to seeing more of it.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us: You’re welcome BisoNation.

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Fall camp opens, players to miss ksu game

Sounds like the first day of camp is rolling, travis beck is there after his lawyer has entered a change of plea hearing on aug 19. BisoNation wants to see the resisting arrest dropped at this time.

Leevon Perry will miss the KSU game, Travis Beck still “might” miss the game, BISONATION wants these guys to play and implores NDSU to ignore the critics out there (especially the media). Lets face facts, those people are going to HATE NDSU no matter what; plus thier envy & jealousy are running rampant so who cares what they think BISONATION is stronger than them we have the love for this team through thick & thin

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Coaches =slight adv ksu (bohl was dc on natl champ team, 2time FCS champ)
QB =. NDSU. 2 time natl champ, 28-2 record in last 30 starts
RB =. Slight adv NDSU 2 1000 yarded, Hubert very solid & better overall back
WR=. KSU. Not even close
OL =. Adv ksu 3 senior stars vs NDSU 1 senior star
DL = NDSU senior jirik, drevlow and perry/Emmanuel are beasts, ksu returners have 17 tackles total
LB = NDSU. Senior grant Olson 29 tackles 1 game, littlejohn & beck. Ksu has Jon Truman that’s about it
SEC = slight adv NDSU. All American MWILL. And safety heagle nfl prospects, KSU Ty Zimmerman great, 2 cbs=1 int
Special = KSU. Speed speed speed. NDSU mwill is their threat 

5-4 NDSU wins a close battle, indicative of the future game.

Tickets on stubhub are 2nd hardest to get in big 12! Keep buying them BisoNation!

Been a lot of discussion with the breakdown beating K-state o-line will be the biggest challenge for NDSU

KSTATE best players these 3 will be nfl draft choices:
1. OT Cornelius Lucas (6-9, 325, 5.39)

2. RB John Hubert (5-7, 192, 4.48)

3. DB Ty Zimmerman (6-1, 204, 4.64)

WR Tyler Lockett (5-11, 176, 4.47)*
A fleet-of-foot athlete, Lockett has four kickoff returns for scores over his first two seasons at Kansas State and will be the Wildcats’ No. 1 receiving threat in 2013.
WR Tramaine Thompson (5-7, 167, 4.43) 
Although short and skinny, Thompson can fly with plus speed and springs in his legs and his special teams experience as a return man will only help his NFL chances.
TE Andre McDonald (6-7, 265, 4.83)
McDonald’s college career was derailed last season due to off-field issues, but he’s expected to have more of a prominent role as a pass-catcher in 2013.
OG Keenan Taylor (6-4, 290)
The starting right guard from a year ago, Taylor has a good blend of power and movement skills that will earn him some looks at the next level.
C B.J. Finney (6-3, 303, 5.18)*
After redshirting in 2010 as a walk-on, Finney has started all 26 games for the Wildcats the past two seasons, one at right guard and the last 25 at center.
LB Tre Walker (6-3, 225, 4.67)
One of only two returning starters on the KSU defense, Walker missed the second half of last season with a knee injury but is expected to be back at full health for 2013.

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Travis Beck Summer & ETA to NDSU.

now that it’s been a week, its time to think ETA.

BisoNation believes there is 3 choices:

1- Bohl & NDSU rally around this young man, embrace him, comfort him and get him back on the team asap!
2- Wait for fargo resisting charges to drop, then bring him back day 1 of practice, no suspension.
3- Travis and his father Gary say screw the fargo pd & media attention and begins his farming career.

We sure want to see #52 back on the team ASAP and start the healing process, and have NDSU educate everyone.
NDSU needs to embrace this young man and stand up to the media/fargo pd and have the balls to speak out!! It would a travesty beyond words to have this young man’s life tainted and taken through the mud. He will never be able to do a google search without this.

Dean/Gene/Bohl please, call a press conference, stand up for travis beck and don’t lose him mentally if anything.

*UPDATE*, I’ve made contact via a close friend. Travis will be back in Munich until fall, working hard on the farm. He wants space and time and to be away from the attention. I applaud him for doing this, open air and the summer fields will accomplish this. Expect nothing on the news front and that’s just fine with Travis. BisoNation should stand by whatever decision he makes and we should all support him. Seeing him run out of tunnel in Kansas state or Fargodome will be of great relief.

Congrats Travis, you are handling it the right way, a lot of us would be screaming for justice. Also thanks to Gary & Lynette beck….great down to earth folks who most of us tailgaters have met. Keep your heads up.

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John Straka reports to Rangers in Spokane *VIDEO interview*

John Straka has reported to Texas Rangers affiliate Spokane Indians yesterday. John said it’s been a whirlwind since being drafted and he was the first player to show up at stadium before the others. John will be in the rotation and OPENING NIGHT is June 14th.

here is a video of his interview out in Spokane that BisoNation inquired about.


BisoNation will continue to follow Straka’s career and Toronto pitcher Neil Wagner as well.

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Travis Beck MVP 2012 title game Arrested



Its with heavy heart that BisoNation informs you of bad news, mixed in with the good news from time to time. We were contacted late saturday night regarding a fight that took place outside of Sports Bar. Apparently there was an argument between a man and travis beck, and were asked to take it “outside” . Fight ensued and when police showed up, travis was arrested.

BisoNation feels that this will be reduced to a misdeameanor by lawyer Tristen Van De Streek and Travis will miss a game or 2. Mcfooly/kolpack can thank us for their ratings.

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