NDSU Football Stadium Fundraiser.

With 3 straight titles and NDSU looking at FBS possibilities with the Mountain West in near future. The question must be approached of how does NDSU build the stadium that would sit at the current Dacotah field/tennis courts (17th Ave would be removed).

$200 Million Dollars –  Sanford & Scheels & RDO & Harold Hamm?  How much are they willing to donate?  All 4 were on the sidelines of the NDSU championship game last month in texas.   $10million each? $20million each? that’s 1 viable option.

How’s this for creativity, BisoNation has been known for its beer consumption. We revel in drinking a town dry on a roadtrip and quite frankly Fargo has been named “drunkest city in america”  So why not Alcohol Tax? In this article, http://www.wday.com/event/article/id/92374/ Cass County says $419,000,000 was spent in a year on alcohol statewide. If $200,000,000 was spent in Cass County alone, lets put a DIME tax on that for 10 years….voila $200 Million!

pss- When will President Bresciani & Gene Taylor put together a marketing campaign to entice the Mountain West to add NDSU?


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NDSU Coach Klieman

BisoNation.   We all respect Craig Bohl and should thank him for making this NDSU senior class the greatest in team history!    We expect Coach Chris Klieman to be announced after saturday’s game (or anytime between now and Jan 1), perhaps in the after game press conference. Coach Bohl will act as St Johns John Gagliardi & be a pseudo coach on sidelines. HOWEVER, expect major changes at the NDSU coaches office, *** Confirmed leaving are Brent Vigen, Scott Fuchs, Kenni Burns , Scott Stanard and Nick Goeser*** Coach Klieman will need a NEW O Coord, NEW D Coord and many other positions. You will see 6-8 coaches you have never hear of and be ready to accept that! Expect Craig Bohl to take as many as he can and frankly who can blame them? 

Problem is, BisoNation’s expectations of next season and couple years are Title’s, anything less is a failure in some’s opinion. Being stuck in the FCS does that to a program’s fanbase.  Therefore the Brent Vigen’s of the world don’t want to be a part of that, some coaches have uttered  “These fans boo brock jensen when he throws an interception, and he’s the best QB ever to go through NDSU!”   How can you blame these coaches for leaving, WE surely dont and BisoNation should become WyoNation!

Lobbying the Mountain West is what NDSU should be doing every week,  Dean B & Gene T should be flying out, asking for meetings with MWC president’s & AD’s and showcase what BisoNation has to offer!  Mountain West members are our Institutional & Academic PEERS!  NDSU is in a great position to do amazing things, capitalize on them!

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Where NDSU would rank in FBS right now.

NDSU is 7-0 and 35-2 with 2 national titles over the last 3 years.

NDSU would rank in the FBS right now in the following:

NDSU is #44 in Sagarin ranking (down from #37 just 2 weeks ago) :
1st in Conference USA, MAC & Sun Belt !!
3rd in the MWC & AA
6th in the ACC
8th in the Big Ten & Big 12
10th in the PAC 12
10th in the SEC
UCF is #21 and NIU is #23     NDSU would probably be right behind these 2 teams (who are #1 in Conf USA & MAC)  NDSU’s defense would keep them in ANY game with a team ranked Top 10-20.   Top 10 teams like Oregon, Alabama etc would obviously beat NDSU but we are thinking 27-10 or something like that.
NDSU needs to keep pushing the MAC and Mountain West for an invite, this university, town, fanbase and players deserve to see just how GREAT NDSU CAN BE!   You raise the Students Activity Fee by $50/person, You convince Boosters to spend $10-20,000 on NDSU and not their Tailgate rigs.    You figure out a way to get the Fargodome to 28,000 attendence.
FBS and 22 more scholarships and NDSU is a dangerous team for anyone in the nation.
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NDSU vs UNI #1 v #4 biggest game in fargodome history?

you betcha!!   NDSU is #1, 2 time national champs with a 32-2 record over the last 2 years.  The senior class started their journey with a loss to UNI 4 years ago, Billy Turner and O line gave up 8 sacks.  Freshman were freaking out on the sideline…..wow have things changed now!

These seniors are confident and brass and truly amazing!   They have 2 titles, but NOT the UNDEFEATED SEASON!  They want that in such a bad way, to go out on top with a cherry!  To go out shattering all doubt that thier senior class is the best ever in NDSU history!

UNI was top dog 3-4 years ago in the MVFC and somehow held a physical and mental hold over NDSU.  They were cocky, brash and ……   

Role Reversal, but NDSU won 2 titles in 5 years,  UNI in 35 years havent won 1.

tickets are going for $75-100/ticket if you can find them, it will be LOUD and Crazy at the fargodome saturday!

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NDSU to FBS after ksu win….MWC!

Are we ready for a serious FBS discussion with the Mountain West ? Dean & Gene should be on the phone with MWC today, heck fly out there! Look at these teams that have universities similiar to NDSU:
Fresno State
San Jose State
San Diego State
Air Force
Boise State
Colorado State
New Mexico
Utah State

Boise State is the ONLY team that could regularly beat NDSU. These are easy towns to fly to through Denver/
Fargo and the region has shown that they can consistently fill a 26,000 stadium. Fargodome should Not expand to appease the teammakers need for a south side bar. They need to focus this expansion on seats and the tools are here, NDSU has proved it on the field and the fans have traveled. Its time to seize this opportunity! You could get great recruits in the midwest being a FBS team not named Minnesota.

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8/26 practice game week!

Its 11am its 90 out, 90% humidity and the national champion defense is going full speed in pads vs a hurry up passing offense. Literally there is 2 sets of scout team offense rotating as fast as they can.
Mwill and cj smith are the corners beck, olson littlejohn at lbs. This is a beast of a workout going on.

First team O is doing goalline sets and we are impressed with the focus of the group. They are working on pressure situations #4 looking great in the slot.

Spirited practice and the weather is just brutal, these guys will be ready come friday

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BisoNation’s buying power

Lets face facts, BisoNation has buying power.
For a second year in a row a rival has profited off BisoNation. Sdsu followed uni’s lead and is charging $40/ticket instead of the usual $20 tickets. Sdsu stuck it to by allowing thier measely 3700 season ticket holders to buy the front 1-2 rows on ndsu side.

Now the NCAA has jumped aboard with frisco fcs championship tickets going on sale today IF YOU BUY A 3 YEAR PACKAGE & $15/ticket (fcs donation) whatever that is.

So to recap:

Uni profited extra $60-75,000 + cedar falls profit.
Sdsu profited extra $75-100000 + brookings profit.
Ncaa/frisco profits $25, 000 extra + 3 year guarantee.

Bottom line. BisoNation needs to profit off itself and go FBS we are bigger than you imagine we have the power and demand right now not to mention the extra 5000+ bison fans who can’t get into fargodome

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